About Me…

I started this blog in the fall of 2003, right before I moved from San Francisco out to Shanghai. Clutching my two degrees in finance and film studies from UC Berkeley and three years of high-tech corporate experience, I decided to go to China to “broaden my vision of humanity,” as it were…and to basically grow up. My original intention was to stay in China for a year, then return to the US for law school. Somewhere between sending in my apps and getting responses from the schools, I ended up getting swallowed up in the giddiness and energy of this city. The faucet of booze and decadence facilitated that love affair, and before I knew it I found myself unable to leave.

In the years since that fateful decision, I wallowed at my old corporate job for a few years, wrote food criticism, and in 2008 started Republic, a motion graphics studio based in LA. Running the Shanghai studio and building up my own business has been one of the best things about being in this thriving city.

This site has evolved from a clunky site combining old-school frames and Livejournal, to a more elegant Blogger driven platform. After Google nuked its Blogger service in December of 2006, I made the move to WordPress. In all of its incarnations, I hope that it has served as a humorous and sentimental and heartfelt chronicle of my experience being an American in Shanghai. Both it and I have grown tremendously, and our mutual foundation is plush with symbiotic adventure. I hope it continues indefinitely.

Feel free to e-mail me here if it tickles you