I’m a crazy f–ker!

Here’s a PSA about us Lions fans

From www.notsopuremichigan.com:

For anyone living in Michigan, the four saddest words are not “I lost my job,” but “I’m a Lions fan.” The Detroit Lions are the worst team in the history of professional sports. The whole world knows it, and their fans show it by wearing jerseys of players who haven’t touched a football in 20 years. But they still proudly claim to be Lions fans. Why? Are they stupid? No. Are they pathetic losers? No. It’s because they’re fucking crazy. You can see it on their faces and on their children’s faces. Because really, what kind of person would force their children to endure a lifetime of pain and torment just like they did? A fucking crazy person. And on a Sunday afternoon, when they head into Ford Field, they’re checked for guns. Because if they had one on them, these crazy fuckers would blow their brains out by halftime. Lions fans. Crazy fuckers.