Some thoughts on the Election

I think my brother put it the best. When I told him that even though having our guy Barack Obama win re-election last night was an awesome feeling, it didn’t compare to how crazy excited I felt back in 2008. He told me that last night actually felt even better than four years ago, when he called me all the way from DC screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. He said that this time around, it was all about vindication, not just of his efforts as a congressional aide in passing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), but the efforts of countless Americans in and outside of government who worked so hard to keep the vision of a fair and balanced America going, despite all the vitriol borne from misinformation and miseducation. He said this one felt better, and after thinking about it, he’s right.

Not just because he was actually out there canvassing and phone-banking and donating money. But because if Obama had lost, if a President Romney had ascended, beholden to the right-wing commitments he had made, then all that work the past four years really would have been for naught. No universal healthcare, no Dodd-Frank…and who knows who would be up for the Supreme Court. Very frightening. All this anti-Obama talk about how he’s the downfall of the country, when we were seemingly on the verge of undoing decades of evolution and open-mindedness.

I’ve gotta thank my brother and all the volunteers and campaign workers. I’ve been away from the US for almost a decade, so I don’t know what it’s like to roll my sleeves up and work hard for a political candidate. Doing it two cycles in a row, in a year when it was that much harder to find the idealism surf compared to four years ago, is a testament to their convictions about the direction the country needs to head.

Thanks guys. We owe you a big one.