Octoberfest in Taipei

Well, not really. When April told me her uncle wanted to treat me to sashimi and beer during my quick 2-day jaunt through Taipei to take care of some family business, I quickly agreed. Her uncle is an adorable old man whom we hosted in Shanghai last winter. He spent most of that week in Shanghai devouring meals of all shapes and sizes and origins, followed by thanking me vociferously for feeding him so well. Letting him foot the bill for some fish and brews seemed fun and harmless. I was sure I would be able to get back home early and rest enough to catch my 7 AM flight back the next morning.

And then the beers arrived:




These were not only steins with two comically small handles on each side. These were messengers sent from the underworld. These were Indian idols of destruction. These were Boeing 747’s of despair. My face was rendered the color of overripe strawberries within 5 minutes.

And they were absolutely awesome. Thanks April’s uncle for the 20 leaks I took that night!