A WTF moment when I came across the following paragraph from a Bloomberg piece on the famous Shanghainese establishment Jesse:

I personally consider roast fatty pork to be the pinnacle of Shanghai cuisine. It is to this city what the cheese steak sandwich is to Philadelphia or Rice-A-Roni to San Francisco. The incarnation on offer at Jesse’s is the best I’ve had.

Whether roast fatty pork (红烧肉) represents the pinnacle of Shanghai cuisine, a cuisine that includes the delicate yolk from the seasonal hairy crabs and the beloved dumplings (小笼包) that incite strong opinion no matter who the diner is or where he/she is dining, is clearly a debatable but valid point. The issue of Rice-A-Roni being the face of San Franciaco’s cuisine is, in my humble estimation, completely laughable. Somewhere, along the wharf, sourdough bread bowls are rolling in their baking pans.