My big face is in Xintiandi

Well, OK, I’m in love with myself and it’s not my face but actually a huge poster for Shanghai Rush, the big new reality TV show based here in Shanghai and, of course, one of the big projects we worked on earlier this year. Fly Films, the production house that hired us, wasn’t kidding a few months back when they told us that Shanghai Media Group would promote the shit out of this show, and when I saw this monstrous banner at Xintiandi two weeks back, I fucking believed it:

Shanghai Rush banner at Xintiandi

And for those of you who haven’t seen a single episode of this hit show, here’s our animation below. We did the logo design, the animation, and all the other graphics that you see in the show:

Sorry to disappoint those of you who actually thought my big face would actually be plastered in Xintiandi (or anywhere else, for that matter), though I highly doubt a single one of you jerks actually felt disappoint. I’m a sad, sad man.