Giving Thanks, Shanghai style

My original plans of ordering a roast chicken and sharing it with my mom for a low key Thanksgiving were dashed when Debbie called all of us together for a big Shanghainese dinner at Fu1039. The reason? Her awesome mom (who just now offered to set me up with a fleet of China Airlines flight attendants) is in town to drink whiskey and chill with her daughter and her awesome friends. So Jason and I both brought out our mothers for a big giving of thanks. Per usual custom, Debbie went all out at this very nice Shanghainese restaurant, the pinnacle of her efforts to please being the crab cake and dumpling pictured below. Shredded crab meat and crab egg yolk baked in a tiny crab shell, with crab sauce smothered in a ball of sesame sprinkled fried dough. We definitely have much to be thankful for. Good friends and family and food and fun. Hope all of you got yours as well.