Shanghai’s Tourist Attractions: Meh

From today’s Shanghai Daily:

A RECENT survey shows that only 53 percent of tourists were satisfied with Shanghai’s attractions – but that’s still a 20 percent rise from 2007, the city consumers’ watchdog said today.

A total of 2,000 tourists filled out surveys covering dining, accommodation, transport, shopping, sightseeing and entertainment in August.

The Shanghai Commission of Consumers’ Rights and Interests Protection found that 42 percent of those surveyed thought that facilities in Shanghai were “just so-so,” and another five percent were not satisfied.

The commission and Shanghai Tourism Administration also organized 70 volunteers to experience the city’s tourism facilities. They found restaurants with bad hygiene in restaurants at scenic spots, terrible service by waiters, confusing signs at attractions, and difficulty finding buses at sightseeing centers.

Can we get collective “Duh” here? As I’ve long warned potential tourists, if you want Chinese culture, go to Beijing or Chengdu. If you want to to get pushed around and ripped off at blah tourist sites, overspend on trinkets that will last you a week, and enjoy a feeling that you’re getting a manufactured authenticity? Come to Shanghai.

Come for the bars, the restaurants, the little shops, the spectacular skyscrapers, the beautiful looking people at all the beautiful looking spots. Those are the real tourist attractions. And those would garner more than 53% of the vote, trust me.