Citic Bank marketing dude should get head examined

One commercial that has been playing over and over again in that detestable FocusMedia screen inside the elevator of my apartment building is for China Citic Bank’s new line of “fragrant” bank cards. Yes, folks, after doing some quick Baidu research, I have confirmed that these cards really do give off some sort of scent. And from the ad, it seems like Citic is basing an entire campaign off of that one attribute. And boy, do they smother on the cheese for such a ridiculous product:

Shot 2: Shot of a young girl getting nose-kissed by her mother. V.O.: “小时候, 离不开她 – When young, I could never leave her behind,”
Shot 4: A young woman, embracing some dude in front of a carousel. V.O.: “长大了, 离不开他 – When an adult, and I can’t leave him behind”
Shot 6: I guess the same woman, now a bit holder, holding her debit card up to her nose and taking a deep sniff. V.O.: “现在, 离不开它 – Now, I can’t leave it behind.”

Yes, she’s talking about her bank card. Her ridiculously stupid, smelly bank card. The marketing team at Citic and whichever creative director at Citic’s ad agency should all be dragged outside and caned.