Armless Chinese man: Inspiration up the wazoo

Ok, I have to admit, this one really got me. From ChinaHush:

May 19, 2010 at noon, an amazing scene on the pedestrian bridge walkway in front of the south entrance to Foxconn Corporation, Shenzhen captured people’s eyes. From Shandong province, an optimistic man with no arms used his feet and wrote down some inspirational words in Chinese calligraphy for the Foxconn employees, to advice them not to do any more foolish things – jumping off buildings and committing suicide.

Foxconn is in the news a lot these days (at least here in China) due to the large number of worker suicide attempts (11 so far this year, 9 of them successful). Most of the factory workers at Foxconn (and at many large electronic factories) are rural youngsters far away from home. Foxconn is a huge original-desing manufacturer run by ruthlessly efficient and oftentimes heavy-handed Taiwanese executives. The mix can be volatile, needless to say.