JBL poster cracks me up

The lady at the JBL kiosk in the Zhongshan Park Yongle electronics store saw me looking at the following JBL marketing poster:

She started pointing at some of the celebrities on the poster. “See? That’s Michael Jackson!”

I kept staring at it.

“And Bill Clinton!”

I was focusing on the two athletes on the bottom row, semi-retired boxer Osca De La Hoya and steroid user and washed-up MLB player Miguel Tejada. I was trying to figure out how they could be connected to JBL speakers. Maybe they had their own hi-fi systems at home and wanted to lend their mugs for this 60th Anniversary marketing poster. Or maybe they were just randomly selected from an issue of 2004 GQ by some dude in Guangzhou trying to put together a decent looking fake poster.