Danwei does deep translations

A recent article on Danwei is a translation of a piece in the Southern Metropolis Weekly about Dongguan, the supposed sex capital of China. On how production practices in this manufacturing city are seeping into the sex industry here, Danwei’s Joel Martinsen translates (bold letters courtesy of me):

Like Luo Chao, many interviewees complained about the uncertain nature of services provided by ordinary sex establishments. Luo has been a customer of sex services at hotels in more than ten cities, from Shanghai and Beijing to more remote cities in the western part of the country, and in his words, “Whether you pay 300 or 1,500 yuan, what you pay for isn’t what you end up getting. Say there’s a girl who claims to be skilled in a particular service. She’ll actually be rough and clumsy. And because it’s all grey-market, if they overcharge you, you just have to accept that you’re getting screwed.”

To poor Luo Chao, I say: “At least you’re getting screwed.”

WordPress on iPhone

I want to be like my BFF Vivian and start blogging from everywhere except in front of my laptop. I finally upgraded my WordPress to versions 2.8 and can now use the WordPress iPhone app. And naturally, I am now blogging this from my desk on my laptop.

Anyway, I’m hoping that since I have intercourse with my iPhone almost every waking minute, I can start blogging more often now in more frequent and spastic spurts, just like Viv does on her wonderful blog.

Or, I can do what I’ve done the past couple of years and just not blog at all.