Mila Kunis, please don’t ever change

Like everyone else on this planet, I have a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence and I can’t wait for her to become President of the United States and give blunt and raspy State of the Union addresses. But before Jennifer stormed onto the scene, there was Queen Mila the Flawless. Watch her go back and forth with this real life Hugh Grant 2.0 interviewer and I dare you to find one imperfection.

Need more proof? Here is she chewing out a reporter in Russian when she questions why JT is acting in movies:

And of course, she confirms here that she accepted Sgt. Scott Moore’s Youtube invitation to attend the Marine Corps Ball back in 2011. And no, she doesn’t want your applause for it, either!

Never forget…never forget

I Like: Funny Chinese Mentos ad

This Mentos ad cracked me up. It starts off wearing the cloak of melodrama shared by millions of other Asia-Pacific TVCs and music videos, then uses a cartoonish gag that keeps Mentos propped up as a fun and brand for young and sophisticated Chinese consumers. Just the demographic that star agency BBH aims to win over. Nice job to BBH’s Johnny Tan and his creative team.

I’m a crazy f–ker!

Here’s a PSA about us Lions fans


For anyone living in Michigan, the four saddest words are not “I lost my job,” but “I’m a Lions fan.” The Detroit Lions are the worst team in the history of professional sports. The whole world knows it, and their fans show it by wearing jerseys of players who haven’t touched a football in 20 years. But they still proudly claim to be Lions fans. Why? Are they stupid? No. Are they pathetic losers? No. It’s because they’re fucking crazy. You can see it on their faces and on their children’s faces. Because really, what kind of person would force their children to endure a lifetime of pain and torment just like they did? A fucking crazy person. And on a Sunday afternoon, when they head into Ford Field, they’re checked for guns. Because if they had one on them, these crazy fuckers would blow their brains out by halftime. Lions fans. Crazy fuckers.

Cityweekend has good intentions for its advertisers!

I know Cityweekend is not exactly the bastion of wonderful journalism here, but it was still funny to read a recent article titled “10 Ways to Detox the Body in Shanghai,” which packaged a list of some no-brainer health tips in some not-so-subtle whore-wrap. Some particularly egregious product placement snippets:

Watch what you eat: Eat plenty of fiber, including brown rice and organically-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s hard to eat healthily when out. M on the Bund has a super healthy and super tasty lunch set menu at the moment. For RMB 98 you get a fresh organic carrot and ginger juice, healthy arugula salad, poached chicken with walnuts and a dessert of fresh pineapple and mint. Eating healthy has never been more decadent.

De-stress: Eliminate stress from your life by emphasizing positive emotions. Positive emotions seem to come about more easily when your feeling good about yourself. Treat yourself to a day of pampering at Quan Spa. Let the friendly staff work their magic hands and be transformed from a state of stress to a state of bliss.

And my personal favorite:

Drink more water: Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to help flush out toxins in the body. Beijing based Dr. Melissa Rodriguez says that drinking fluids such as water and tea is one of the easiest ways to detoxify the body. Don’t just drink any water, jump online and order some “premium water” from

Yes, that’s right folks, don’t just drink ANY water, drink insanely overpriced Voss water, or else you won’t be able to counter those toxins! I had no idea that in all those years of drinking non-premium water, I was forgoing a chance to really cleanse my body. Lunching at M on Bund, taking yoga classes, drinking orange juice at Element fresh, ordering Voss water and supplements online — with all that action and money, who has any time to go drinking?