Some pics from Expo

Here are some pics I took last weekend during my first ever trip to the Shanghai World Expo. There aren’t many as we got there in the late afternoon, and the lines were obviously too long for us to bear, especially in this ridiculous Shanghai summer heat. Fact: Iran juice tastes dangerous and uncertain and extreme. But that’s just me.

Dunno why these photos got to me…

…but they did.

This world does not lack photographers, professional and amateur. A few of my friends and acquaintances are awesome photographers, and I’ve seen my share of striking, beautiful, haunting photos. So I’m not sure why I couldn’t stop looking at these photos taken by Hangzhou based Ricenz (from NeochaEDGE):


Can someone explain why these photos got to me? Anyone?

Photo: Some Bike Love in the Morning

The weather in Shanghai has been pretty nice of late, so I took out the old Panda Cycle for my commute to work this morning. After more than a couple of months of idleness, she was a bit flat on her heels and dirty as hell (just the way I like ’em, har har). Thankfully, there are a ton of indie bike service stations just sort of around. So today, a gave my girl a little morning bike loving.

Pretty sweet photos of Kelley and Raffe

Tobias over at SixSixty studios created some pretty sweet photographs of Kelley Lee, Eduardo Vargas, Raffe and the rest of the players of their combined Shanghai restaurant empire. From the photographer’s website:

Kelley & Eduardo are two of Shanghai’s best known restaurateurs among the expat scene. They (along with their managing partners) decided to create this booklet which highlight’s their restaurants and wanted some creative images to go along with each concept. This was riiiiight up my alley!

This one of Raffe and Kelley is my favorite:

Well done guys, just one of those cool things to have for the rest of your life.

Debbie’s Birthday

Here are 3 pictures from Debbie’s birthday this past weekend. I don’t know how our friend Sabine does it, but she can put together a themed party at a piano bar, complete with props and costumes, in a span of 48 hours. Props to her, and to all the people who deftly mixed single malt whiskey and lots of red wine.

Photos from 31st Birthday Party

Eric Bday09-010

One of the best ones yet! Reserved the entire bar of new restaurant 3TOP, and invited new and old friends alike. Got so wasted I completely do not remember what happened at Karaoke between 2am and 5am. Very scary thought. Ok, next year, will definitely scale it down. Thanks to my buddy Ozzie for taking all these great photos! Click on the photo above or at this link here to access the entire Flickr album.