Our one year anniversary

Republic Shanghai celebrated its one year anniversary two days ago in typical, sushipanda fashion: red-faced, stinking of cheap wine, and completely unaware that I was stroking his portly stomach the entire time while directing dark philosophical questions to his lady friends: “If I was gay I would have sex every minute of every day, because gay white men have yellow fever, too.”

During the day, however, I had little time to reflect on what we have accomplished these past 12 months, as I was busy trying to get our 3D software to work on our intern’s new computer. Now, I’ve had some time to absorb and digest where we are in relation to where we were last July 1st, when I welcomed my first two full-time animators, took them to lunch, and then promptly scared the shit out of them by giving them the impression I was trying to renege on our verbal salary commitments.

1) We doubled our workforce. Well, in reality, this happened only in the past week, as we hired animator #3 and hired intern #1. But in the space time continuum, this accounts for something. We now have two more bodies in the same little office as we did two weeks ago, which means Clint is suddenly managing two more people while I get to boss two more people around. My friends, there is indeed a distinction.

2) I have maintained my “creative” goatee for well over a year. In fact, it has been more than a year and half since my chin was last smooth and barren. Sadly, my chin roots have taken a beating; there are flecks of white, gray, and brown that are quite visible from Google Earth. But alas, I need some street cred with all these other “creative types.” Apparently, they don’t consider sporadic blogging to be art. Bastards.

3) In all honesty, both Clint and I are fairly happy with where we are right now. We’re being asked to pitch a lot more, which means our name is really getting out there. Lately, we’ve added some bigger, sexier names to our client roster (H&M and Nike, that’s you!). And people genuinely seem to like us and our work. I guess as far as post-mortems go, we could have done a lot worse.

Buy either one of us a drink if you’re in LA or Shanghai, we earned it! And in the meantime, check out our latest work for Jameson Irish Whiskey:

Jameson Whiskey – Twisted Americas from Republic on Vimeo.

My big face is in Xintiandi

Well, OK, I’m in love with myself and it’s not my face but actually a huge poster for Shanghai Rush, the big new reality TV show based here in Shanghai and, of course, one of the big projects we worked on earlier this year. Fly Films, the production house that hired us, wasn’t kidding a few months back when they told us that Shanghai Media Group would promote the shit out of this show, and when I saw this monstrous banner at Xintiandi two weeks back, I fucking believed it:

Shanghai Rush banner at Xintiandi

And for those of you who haven’t seen a single episode of this hit show, here’s our animation below. We did the logo design, the animation, and all the other graphics that you see in the show:

Sorry to disappoint those of you who actually thought my big face would actually be plastered in Xintiandi (or anywhere else, for that matter), though I highly doubt a single one of you jerks actually felt disappoint. I’m a sad, sad man.

More from Clint

Last week, we walked into The Center for a meeting with Ogilvy. At the lobby, Clint and I encountered a young woman talking on the phone.

Clint: That girl looked weird.
Me: How so?
Clint: Her face was really wide.
Me: Yeah, and she had really big eyes.
Clint: Yeah, she looked like Stewie (from Family Guy).
Me: Hmmmm.
Clint: She looked like an alien. Like E.T..
Me: You’re right, that is kinda weird


Clint: She was pretty cute, though.

I’ll never be able to figure out designers.