Older Pictures

  • Baby Pandas: Pictures of Anli, the baby panda my family adopted for a year. She lived in Wolong Panda Reserve in Sichuan province, and we’re pretty sure that she was whored out to many families seduced by the novelty of panda adoption. In any case, this has been by far the part of my site that’s always gotten the most hits.
  • California Pics: Pictures that began with my formative high-school years up through the yuppie days before I moved out to China. Don’t be too surprised at how young I may look in some them; I’m still as clueless as ever.
  • Pre-China Travel Pics: Took a few trips here and there when I was working in Silicon Valley, some with the family, some on my own, and some with my pet rooster Chester. Europe is and remains the highlight of all my travels, though heading to the Mission for burritos in San Francisco is always a great trip.
  • Pre-’05 China Pics: A gallery of images from various trips and night outs with friend while slowly adjusting to Chinese permanence. Tibet is the main entree here, though the best pics from the set were taken by others. Tina and I spent most of our time chilling in the Jeep, stuffing our faces with Oreos. Well, the Oreo part was mostly me.